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The ministry of Word and Sacrament is the center of our weekly gathering, and it is a work of the whole community. Together we proclaim the good news of how Christ has transformed and is transforming our lives through collective prayer, confession and absolution, reading of scripture, songs of worship, gathering at the Lord's table, and sending out for our work and ministry in the world. The proclamation of the Word through preaching is also a vital part of our worship and ministry. On this page, you can find links to past sermons in written form.

We encourage you to be with us in person, but we also know that sometimes that is not possible. We hope that these sermons can be a resource to you in your spiritual growth. 

The difference between knowing, hoping, and recognizing.

A sermon on Luke 24:13-35 [for an audio recording of this sermon, click here][1] [Photo by Hermes Rivera on Unsplash] It’s a well-used idiom that sometimes we need to laugh, or else we’ll cry. Today’s gospel offers us an invitation to laugh in the midst of a moment that was – at least for those whose story we hear – full of grief. The two disciples on the road were mourning, and also probably afraid. They had built their lives around certain expectations about who Jesus was and what he would do, and all of that now seemed to be in ruins. Their journey to Emmaus was a journey of defeat. The mission was over. The dream was lost. They were going home because… where else was there to go? And in

Doubt, Welcome, and Peace in the Pain

A sermon on John 20:19-31 [for an audio recording of this sermon, click here]. Whoever you are and wherever you find yourself on your journey of faith, know that you are most welcome here, to receive God’s goodness, mercy, and love. Amen. I can’t think of another biblical story that better illustrates the invitation I just spoke than the story of Thomas: It’s the story of a questioning disciple who is in a different place on his journey of faith than the other people around him, but who nevertheless experiences Jesus’s welcome, and through that welcome receives God’s goodness, mercy, and love. Not that Thomas had any such assurance at the beginning of the story. It must have been quite isola

Easter Transformation

A sermon on Matthew 28:1-10 [for an audio recording of this sermon, click here] Normally it is easy for me to find inspiration for an Easter sermon – Easter is kind of the point of my whole faith and ministry … but this year is not quite like any other year, is it? I know how desperately we all need a message of resurrection hope as we daily face the threat, or maybe even the reality, of death and mourning. But it’s hard to find the right note of celebration about an empty tomb, when we are all still trapped in our own house-bound confinement, with no clear idea of when our stone will be rolled away. And it’s hard to speak with joy about the fullness of resurrection life, when I am preaching

Meditation on Blessing

A meditation inspired by John 13: 1-17; 31b-35 [for an audio recording of this meditation, click here] We have heard the holy words of the gospel, let us now meditate on the blessing they hold for us. For they do hold a blessing. Even at a distance. Even without the meal, and the foot washing, and the hands lain on heads. Even without the physical presence and the ritual that we long for, there is a blessing in these words and in this night, if we will open our hearts to receive them. And so, I invite you into meditation. Close your eyes and open your hearts. Take a deep breath. In this breath let God’s Spirit draw you close, for this is a night of drawing close. Of all nights in this Holy W

Hosanna - Save Us Now!: A Palm Sunday Prayer

A sermon on Matthew 21:1-11 (for an audio recording of this sermon, click here) One word from today’s gospel has been echoing in my soul this past week: “Hosanna” It’s one of those “churchy” words that I usually try to avoid: words that we don’t use in normal life, so they can feel like they create a barrier between faith and daily living, as though faith happens on a different level, with a different vocabulary, than the experiences and emotions that we actually need our faith to address. But this week, Hosanna has NOT felt removed from my daily life. In fact, at times it has felt like the only word that can capture the complicated, emotionally turbulent cry of my heart that IS my daily lif

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