Responding to COVID 19

Ministry in a Pandemic

As people of God, gathered together into one body, our first calling is to love God and our neighbor. We express our love of God through our commitment to God’s calling and trust in God’s provision. In the context of a deadly pandemic, we express our love of neighbor by taking all necessary steps to protect our neighbors from harm.  Our congregation has adapted to the dangers of the COVID 19 pandemic in these ways:

  • Transitioning to a virtual-worship format, that allows our community to share in the liturgy and practices of our faith safely.

  • Limiting use of our building to activities necessary for worship streaming, continuation of our feeding ministries, and maintenance of the church garden.

  • Transitioning of our, education, committee, and fellowship activities to virtual format (contact for links).

  • Increasing intentional outreach through telephone and other mechanism to ascertain community needs.

Plans for In-Person Gathering

As research and understanding of the virus continues to evolve, we are developing plans for how we can begin to safely use our building in creative and life-giving ways for worship, learning, and fellowship. The first step in this adaptation will be offering a modified worship liturgy one Sunday per month. For the full detailed plan, outlining our vision, commitments, and safety protocols, click here.

Embodied Prayer

We have added an element of embodied prayer to our worship, to encourage deeper engagement in these times when we need to worship apart, or without joined voices for reasons of safety. While this use of movement in worship might not feel natural for everyone, and some bodies do not move as easily, we encourage all who are able to explore this new form of worship. To aid in that exploration, the leader of our Messengers Dance Ministry has prepared a brief video explaining the ways that different motions can deepen our engagement with our liturgy and worship: