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Abiding Peace Lutheran Church makes Christ known by welcoming all people to a supportive and accepting place to grow in faith and community, and to serve the Lord as people created by God, saved by Christ, and nurtured by the Holy Spirit.e. 


  • Abiding Peace makes Christ known through Christ-like actions. 

  • Abiding Peace welcomes all people through building relationships (with God, each other and the community).

  • Abiding Peace creates a supportive and accepting place through respect and unconditional acceptance of everyone.

  • Abiding Peace helps people grow in faith through spiritual growth, education, and service.

  • Abiding Peace serves the Lord through involvement and opportunities to discover and use spiritual gifts and through giving (of time, talent, and resources) in response to God’s grace.

  • Abiding Peace recognizes that all people are created by God.

  • Abiding Peace affirms that people are saved by Christ.

  • Abiding peace is guided and nurtured by the Holy Spirit.

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