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The ministry of Word and Sacrament is the center of our weekly gathering, and it is a work of the whole community. Together we proclaim the good news of how Christ has transformed and is transforming our lives through collective prayer, confession and absolution, reading of scripture, songs of worship, gathering at the Lord's table, and sending out for our work and ministry in the world. The proclamation of the Word through preaching is also a vital part of our worship and ministry. On this page, you can find links to past sermons in written form.

We encourage you to be with us in person, but we also know that sometimes that is not possible. We hope that these sermons can be a resource to you in your spiritual growth. 

Location, Leaving, and Light - A Call to Discipleship

A sermon on Matt. 4:12-23 (for an audio recording of this sermon, click here.) Immediately following worship today, our community will hold our annual congregational meeting. (pause for cheers of excitement!) Yes! This meeting is actually really important – not only because it is constitutionally required in order to elect Council members, and pass a budget, and otherwise do the “business” of the church. But more essentially, this is our chance, as the community of God called together in this place, to think together about what exactly it is that God has called us to do and to be as a congregation. What is our collective mission? Why do we give our time, and our energy, and our resources to

Two Questions and an Invitation

A sermon on John 1:29-42 (for an audio recording of this sermon, click here. Photo by Evan Dennis on Unsplash) “What are you looking for?” I don’t know about you, but that’s a question I can relate to. There’s a lot of details in today’s gospel that feel pretty distant from my reality: The baptizer’s words about the one who comes really being ahead because he was before is grammatically confusing; And I’ve never personally seen the Holy Spirit descend from heaven like a dove; And outside of church-speak, my only interaction with lambs is when I order a dish at a nice restaurant, so the imagery of “Lamb of God” feels a bit… uncomfortable. But the question: “What are you looking for?” – That’s

Stepping Into God's Pleasure

A sermon on Matt. 3:13-17 (for an audio recording of the sermon, click here) When I was a little girl my favorite movie, which I watched over and over again, was Chariots of Fire. For any of you who have seen the film, you might be thinking: “that’s an unusual favorite movie for an 8-year-old girl.” And, you would be right, but I was an unusual 8-year-old girl so, there you have it. For any of you who have not seen the movie, I encourage you to do so. It is an academy-award-winning depiction of the Olympic running team from Great Britain in the 1924 Olympics. It has all the compelling drama of a sports biopic with the bonus of a romantic side story. It engages - in nuanced and thought-provok

We Need To Hear The Cry

A sermon on Matt. 2:13-23 (for an audio recording of this sermon, click here) So, I have a question. Maybe it has occurred to you as well: Why do we need to hear this story?! It is a story of terror and violence. A story of only one precious family making it across the border to safety. A story of a power-mad, fear-driven despot ordering the murder of innocent babies. A story of inconsolable suffering. What are we supposed to do with a story like this at the end of the Christmas season? In the story of Christ’s birth, we have just witnessed the mystery and the glory of God’s vulnerability in Jesus. But how are we supposed to embrace that vulnerability when we are confronted with this fear-fi

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