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The ministry of Word and Sacrament is the center of our weekly gathering, and it is a work of the whole community. Together we proclaim the good news of how Christ has transformed and is transforming our lives through collective prayer, confession and absolution, reading of scripture, songs of worship, gathering at the Lord's table, and sending out for our work and ministry in the world. The proclamation of the Word through preaching is also a vital part of our worship and ministry. On this page, you can find links to past sermons in written form.

We encourage you to be with us in person, but we also know that sometimes that is not possible. We hope that these sermons can be a resource to you in your spiritual growth. 

A Reformation in Faith

For our celebration of Reformation Sunday, the Lord's Players (the Abiding Peace drama team) performed a dramatic proclamation of on the significance of God's work of Reformation in the life of the church. (Script adapted from Reformation Sunday Service by Lisa Frenz) Cast: Tetzel – (at front of altar) Frau Margarete Luther – (from choir area) Katie Luther – (under Luther Rose window) Modern 1 – (front row) Modern 2 – (middle of congregation) Modern 3 – (back door) Pastor – (at pulpit) * * * Tetzel: (holds up hand, commanding voice) Alright, nobody move! There’s somebody very dangerous here today: somebody actively working to undermine what’s comfortable and reliable; the s

On Healing, Armor, and Praise

A sermon on Luke 17:11-19 and 2 Kings 5:1-15 (For an audio recording of this sermon, click here). He didn’t ask me why I came back after I had been healed. At least at first, Jesus was more focused on the other nine – my companions in isolation and shame – the others who, like me, had just had their lives changed by his healing. When I came back, alone, to throw myself at his feet, overcome with praise and thanksgiving, he didn’t ask me why. Rather, he wondered aloud about the other nine. “Where are they?” It was a rhetorical question, but I could have told him all the same: It never occurred to them that he might want them to come back. You see, something happens to your identity when you h

Trusting God With Our Lament

A sermon on Luke 17:5-10 and Habakkuk 1:1-4, 2:1-4 Following our worship today, we will be holding the last of three intentional conversations about how we can faithfully engage politically-charged topics in worship. In this conversation we will be focusing on the need that some of you have identified for having a way to give voice in our worship to the pain and shame that arises from such topics. When our hearts are broken by stories of human suffering… When we feel helpless to stop things that we believe are wrong… When we, perhaps, feel burdened by complicity in systemic harm… What do we do? How can we bring this pain and shame before God in a way that accesses gospel hope for ourselves a

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