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The ministry of Word and Sacrament is the center of our weekly gathering, and it is a work of the whole community. Together we proclaim the good news of how Christ has transformed and is transforming our lives through collective prayer, confession and absolution, reading of scripture, songs of worship, gathering at the Lord's table, and sending out for our work and ministry in the world. The proclamation of the Word through preaching is also a vital part of our worship and ministry. On this page, you can find links to past sermons in written form.

We encourage you to be with us in person, but we also know that sometimes that is not possible. We hope that these sermons can be a resource to you in your spiritual growth. 

Thy Kingdom Come

A sermon on John 18:33-38a [For an audio file of this sermon, click here] I want to start today by asking you a question, and it is a real question. I actually want you to answer me. Here goes: Every week, when we pray the Lord’s Prayer together in preparation for Communion we include in our petition “thy kingdom come.” My question is, what do you mean by that? What are you praying for when you say “thy kingdom come?” * * * (take your time and think about it) * * * Maybe it’s just me, but I forget to ask myself that question the vast majority of the times that I speak those words in prayer. Most of us have probably prayed this prayer hundreds, if not thous

Give Until It Helps

A sermon on Mark 12:38-44 [to access an audio recording of this sermon, click here] A quick reading of this Sunday’s texts, in the context of this particular day, seems to suggest a rather obvious theme. Any ideas what it might be? Let me give you a few hints: The context of the day is Veteran’s Day, and not just any Veteran’s Day! Today is the 100th anniversary of the Armistice – the end of the fighting – in World War I, which is the origin of this holiday. It’s a day focused on remembering the sacrifices of those who have served the cause of freedom, and the sacrifices of their families. It is in that context that we hear today’s readings: The first reading, tells of a poor widow who sacri

How Do We Love?

A sermon on Mark 12:28-34 This All Saints Sunday, we explored the command to Love God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength and to love our neighbor as ourselves. It is the central command of the Christian Faith, and it calls us to both remember our loved ones and reach out to those around us in ways transformed by the gospel. You can hear the sermon here.

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