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The ministry of Word and Sacrament is the center of our weekly gathering, and it is a work of the whole community. Together we proclaim the good news of how Christ has transformed and is transforming our lives through collective prayer, confession and absolution, reading of scripture, songs of worship, gathering at the Lord's table, and sending out for our work and ministry in the world. The proclamation of the Word through preaching is also a vital part of our worship and ministry. On this page, you can find links to past sermons in written form.

We encourage you to be with us in person, but we also know that sometimes that is not possible. We hope that these sermons can be a resource to you in your spiritual growth. 

The Wind of the Spirit

A Sermon on Acts 2:1-21 and John 15:26-27; 16:4-15 I think I have always loved the imagery of wind to describe the action of the Holy Spirit, but that association took on a special power for me after spending 10 days on the Greek Island of Tinos with my family when we lived in Europe. The wind is an inescapable companion on Tinos, demanding attention with its compelling voice and modulating touch. I delighted in the way the wind seemed to blow every stress and worry from my mind, but for my daughter, Alaina, the wind evoked more than delight. Alaina fell in love. At just 5 years old, she would sit out on the porch of our rental, eyes closed, letting the wind tangle itself in her hair and bre

Does Ascension Matter?

So, I have to start this sermon by admitting that the Ascension is not something that I really ever talk about… I mean, sure, we mention it every week in the Creed when we confess our faith that Jesus ascended into heaven, but, ascension has never really been an important word in my faith vocabulary. I know Jesus is not still present in the body on earth, and I believe that he still lives and reigns and loves us, so the ascension gives an explanation of how that all works… but I just had never really put that much thought into why the Ascension matters. Until this week (when I had to preach on it). This week, in my study of today’s texts, I ran across a powerful poem by contemplative author

On Love and Interdependence

A Sermon on John 15:9-17 and Acts 10:44-48 This coming Friday, myself and four of the wonderful members of Abiding Peace will gather with approximately 500 other Lutherans from around New Jersey at this year’s Synod Assembly. I am looking forward to it. For a person who grew up without a denomination and with a “just me and Jesus” mentality, it is inspiring to gather together with so many other people who share the Lutheran identity that I came to as an adult. It’s amazing to feel connected to this diverse community of people who are all linked together into the same tradition of faith, and the same present decisions about our Synod, that will move us forward as we share in God’s mission in

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